Operative Thoracic Surgery medical illustrations

Medical illustrations published in new surgical book

Francesca Corra medical illustration operative thoracic surgery

Operative Thoracic Surgery, sixth edition, front cover


I am very pleased to have received a copy of the Sixth Edition of the Operative Thoracic Surgery book, which I have illustrated alongside a small team of colleagues. This is my first ever surgical publication and it definitely feels rewarding to finally see the work in print. I provided medical illustrations for 4 chapters which are:

CH17 ‘Uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS)’
CH18 ‘Segmentectomy’
CH19 ‘Combined bronchial and pulmonary artery sleeve resections’
CH32 ‘Abdominal and right thoracic esophagectomy’

Almost 50 illustrations in total!

This medical textbook was edited by Larry R. Kaiser, Glyn Jamieson, Sarah K. Thompson and it has been updated by a team of international contributors.

In each chapter the author provides specific technical details of an operative procedure, revealing some of their tricks and secrets, accompanied by accurate and beautifully rendered medical illustrations that visually describe a sequence from a particular surgery. Emphasis is given to new and emerging techniques, ensuring that the book remains both an essential resource for surgeons in training in thoracic and esophageal surgery and a definitive reference for fully qualified practitioners.

Examples of pages from the Ebook, Operative Thoracic Surgery, Sixth Edition, 2018

The book was published by CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group and both textbook and Ebook can be purchased on Amazon.