Thoracic vertebra, 3D modeling and animation

3D anatomy personal project

I’ve been working on this thoracic vertebra on and off between projects with the intent to practice modeling realistic 3D assets whilst testing out different workflows, alternating between 3D modeling software Blender and Zbrush.

Early stages of modeling of  3D thoracic vertebra in Blender, 2018

Early render of 3D thoracic vertebra in Blender, 2018

After the basic shapes were modeled in Blender, I exported the object in Zbrush to achieve finer details and subtler textures such as the nutrient foramina and the roughness on the transverse processes and then proceded with the polypainting, which allows a more realistic aesthetic.

Final render of 3D thoracic vertebra, 2018

Finally, the vertebra was imported back into Blender, where I assigned a material to the object and played around with the lighting until the result looked satisfying before setting off the render in the software’s rendering engine ‘Cycles’.

To see a turnatable animation of the vertebra visit my Instragram account